Walmart's Stakeholders

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Walmart has 4 key groups of stakeholders. Investors (Walmart's top priority) who are mainly interested in profits. They pretty much want Walmart to make as much profit as they can which equals higher earnings per share. Investors are also interested in operating in minimum costs for example minimum wages. Minimum costs equals more profit which is what investors is mainly interested in. Customers (Walmart’s second priority) are interested in low prices as long as these good have acceptable quality. Americans tend to go for the lower prices because why not save your hard earned money and everyone knows Walmart has a low price guarantee. If someone likes to save money they will shop at Walmart. Employees (Walmart’s third priority) who have a…show more content…
So what Walmart would do is buy products from suppliers for as cheap as possible than sell it for more to make a profit. No company will be able to operate without making a profit. Although Walmart is known for their low prices that we see, what we don't see the price Walmart bought the products for. This will make Walmart have an advantage because if there prices are lower than competitors and they're making a profit that makes it a challenge for their competitors to beat their price and to offer low prices and make a profit just like Walmart does. Walmart was founded on integrity, and pride on regulating business by a strict ethical code, reaching for excellence, respecting individuals and serving customers to the best of their ability. Their Legal department has continuously shown a commitment to these ideals. Walmart shows that they are good corporate citizen by their low prices, so if a family doesn't have a lot of money they can be guaranteed to find the best deals at Walmart, and if a family is wealthier but still loves deals and saving money Walmart is the place for them go and get their groceries, medication etc. Walmarts ethical responsibilities is to always act with integrity, follow all laws, respect and to encourage diversity, the list goes on. When walmart follows all their 4 dimensions of social responsibility customers will have a good experience shopping there than therefore go
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