Walmart's Target Marketing

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Running head: Company analysis Project – Part 3

Company Analysis Project – Part 3 – Target Marketing
Davenport University


Wal-Mart’s Target Marketing To effectively reach its customers, Wal- Mart‘s management for many years have managed to carry out effectively target marketing that is augmented by strategic market segmentation. As a result, the company has maintained its market share for a long period. It is poised that by the year 2100 the company is to have a third of the US market in its share (Ryan, 2006). Comparatively, the same figures apply to its main rival, Target. Demographically, Wal- Mart ensures that it positions itself strategically in the market by offering products that meet
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As such, Wal- Mart strives to develop new products that meet the requirements of new markets while also striving to retain its regular customers. Finally, Wal-Mart’s as Target Stores has age based target marketing. In this kind of target marketing, the goods or products are classified acceding to the customers’ gender and ages. As such, Wal- Mart stocks toys and video games which are specifically meant for children. On the other hand, there are jewelries which are specially meant for women, wedding or fashion bogged youth.

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