Walmart's Vision And Strategies

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Walmart stores can be found across the United States and 26 other countries globally, including – Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ghana, China, United Kingdom, India, and others. In order to adequately serve the expanding demand for quality goods at reasonable prices – Walmart has to ensure that its supply-chain functions efficiently on a regular basis. To this end, in what follows, the author explores the manner in which Walmart manages its supply-chain, the impact of the management of the same, and the organisational theory of the company – in the successful pursuit of Walmart 's vision and strategies. To commence this examination, it is imperative to revisit the fundamental vision and strategies of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Vision and Strategies of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. According to Ferguson (2016), in terms of Walmart’s vision statement, the company traces its success to the principles of its creator, Sam Walton. These principles are highlighted in Walmart’s vision statement: “To be the best retailer in the hearts and minds of consumers and employees. ” Walmart original intention was to realise a top position in the retail industry – given its present situation, the company has already achieved the best retailer aspect of the vision. In addition, Walmart’s vision statement speaks to the minds and hearts of those that matter most to the corporation, that is - consumers and employees. Walmart has convincingly swayed the minds of shoppers and workers on the premise of
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