Walt Disney : A Bad Idea

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I was warned not to open the box then I looked inside and I saw Dead Walt Disney! I knew it from the start I was right all along. I thought it was strange mickey mouse was running away from the building just after he told me not to look in the box with his isis illuminati justin bieber TMNT foot clan faze clan squad following him with chloroform doritos tons of mountain dew and a silenced glock. There plan was to take control of disneyland and one direction they they would be able to cripple the world and take total control. I was running for my life I should have known that besides all the measles and creepy mascots disneyland was a bad idea. As I was running I could hear all the screams of terror from poor civilians as Justin bieber sang his evil song. After they killed off the disneyland population and took control of the remaining mascots suited them with AK47s they are now known as mickey 's fist mickey and his new death patrol went in one direction and that very direction lead to one direction. As I snuck into there preis I was thinking to myself how terrible this was. When they arrived they had a firefight with security then mickey mouse said “this one 's mine ha ha” and started beating up one direction mercilessly and took them down one by one.
Mickey mouse had always been upset with one direction for not working for him and justin but now he had his revenge. By now it was all over E! news that the drama had lead to an all out war. Isis and TMNT foot clan justin…

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