Walt Disney: A Key to Childhood Hearts

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You start to wonder where did your favorite Disney movies come from and how were they created? What was Walt Disney’s childhood like when he was younger that made him want to animate and put together cartoons and movies? Where did his career start off from and how did he get to such a place? But the important question, who took over after Walt Disney passed? These are some questions that one would set out to look more upon of Walt Disney. Through research in Walt Disney: A Key to Childhood Hearts, it will show you what Walt Disney was really like. On December 5th. 1901 in the town of Chicago, Illinois a baby boy was born with the name of Walter Elias Disney, or as we know, Walt Disney. Growing up as a child Walt’s father, Elias, was a very strict and religious man. His father would physically beat him and his siblings if any sort of toys, drawings, or any type of entertainment was found around the house. His wife, Flora, feared him too. When Walt was born his father was a construction worker and his mother a stay at home mom to five Disney children. His father later then took up a farm in Marceline, Missouri where they then moved to. Walter always loved all the animals on the farm and felt like they were his friends.
These animals were his entertainment and a way to get away from his father. They were living very happily on the farm until…

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