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WALT DISNEY CASE STUDY 1. SWOT Strengths * Stable Revenue and Profit Growth * Diversified Portfolio * Tremendous Brand Recognition * Responsiveness to Markets * Substantial Asset Holdings Weaknesses * Top Tier Management Turnover * Redundancy in Business Functions Due to SBU Structure * Inclusion of High-Risk Investments in Holdings * Lack of Corporate Control over Divisions * Growth Barriers in Theme Parks Opportunities * Continued Growth through Further Diversification * New Markets Available for Expansion (Foreign Opportunities) * Potential for Enhanced Web Presence * Further Penetration of Target Markets through Versioning * Knowledge Management-Information Transfer…show more content…
d. The corporate administration: Another control and coordination mechanism is The Walt Disney Company corporate team, who support services to the business units and affiliates of the Walt Disney Company. The individual responsibilities in this group can be strategic, tactical, diverse and specialized. It can span the whole organisation or focus more on the corporate division. This team work collectively to analyze potential opportunities, assess results and recommend future direction. The corporate planning and control group of the administration is divided into five units: * Corporate controllership: This unit is responsible for overseeing the financial statements of the company and also other finance reporting and control functions. Tasks included for this group is developing presentations to senior management and the Audit committee of the board of directors concerning the financial performance of the company, as well as update of significant accounting standards. In addition to this, they work closely with investor relations and corporate communications departments with respect to financial communication. * Management audit: The Partners with financial, operational and IT executives to understand their internal control environment, risk and risk mitigation activities. They develop and execute a plan to address key risks and also promote an overall risk and control awareness in the company. * Enterprise Finance Processes: Is

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