Walt Disney Company Essay

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The Walt Disney Company is currently known as being one of the biggest and most famous entertainment and animation companies in the world with international amusement parks and an outstanding animation studio as well as a business franchise. It was founded in 1923 as a cartoon studio in Kansas City and its mission is to “Make people happy”.
The Walt Disney Company history started when Ub Iwerks and Walter Elias Disney, after being fired from their previous job as drawing board artists, decided to open their own studio, which they called the Iwerks Disney.
Once the idea of opening the studio was finalized, Walt decided that he wanted to transform the animation industry. In spite of doing the traditional cut-out method
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Another reason given by Walt to change the name of the company was the fact that if the name was Walt Disney Studios, his name would appear on the animations that he had created.)
Secondly, Walt Disney decided to move into a bigger studio that was built on Hyperion Avenue in 1926. It was in that studio that Walt Disney along with his staff in order to overcome the crisis that the company was feeling after the “Alice Comedies” circumstance, that he designed a new character and gave him a personality that endeared him to all, “Mickey Mouse”.
After the development and success of the new character, Walt Disney Studios became a global reference. (“Mickey Mouse” was actually going to be called “Mortimer Mouse”. However, Lillian Disney, Walt’s wife, did not like the name Mortimer because it was too “depressing” so they changed it into Mickey because it was a “happy and friendly name”.) That is the reason why Walt Disney always stated that “It all started with a mouse”. Initially, Walt was unable to sell the first two Mickey Mouse cartoons because they were silent films. Therefore, they made a third Mickey Mouse cartoon, this time with fully synchronized sound, the Steamboat Willie, which premiered at the Colony Theater in New York on the 18th of November 1928 and became a tremendous accomplishment for the
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