Walt Disney Company Is Worth Investing

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As one of the largest multimedia companies in the world, The Walt Disney Company includes all aspects of American entertainment, including animation, music, production, and theme parks. Founded in 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney, the business has grown from silent animations films to diversify into all aspects of the entertainment industry, primarily focusing on all interests of the typical American family. The company, since its founding, has proved to be a worthy investment on all standings. Its constant production of imaginative creations has provided an eternal loyal fanbase that continues to generate massive amounts of profit. Therefore, the Walt Disney Company is worth investing in, because of its ongoing generation of wealth…show more content…
With success upon success granted to the company, Disney decided to work towards creating its first feature film. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered December 21st, 1937, marking the beginning of an almost 100 year saga of films that the corporation is well known for today. Over the next several years, Disney continued to produce films and animation, including some relating to World War II propaganda. In the 50’s, Walt Disney Productions teamed up with Coca Cola to premiere its first television show; Disneyland. That following year, the first disney park, Disneyland, opened in Anaheim, California. As the company has grown larger and larger, more products have been added to its bandwidth, including a chain of retail stores, its own television channel, international amusement parks, Broadway shows, videogames/toys, and cruise lines. The Walt Disney Company has gone through many mergers during its long history. One of the first was the company’s acquisition of the Capital Cities/American Broadcasting Company, which is the 2nd largest corporate takeover to date. This horizontal merger served as not only a distribution service, but also as extra capital through the pre-existing channels of ESPN and ABC Family. Many of the
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