Walt Disney Company : The World 's Leading Manufacturer And Provider Of Information Entertainment

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The Walt Disney Company is a U.S. entertainment and media corporation located in Burbank California. Walt Disney and his brother Roy have founded the mass media conglomeration on October 16, 1923 as a cartoon animation studio, and kept the official mascot of Mickey Mouse (Mink, 2007). The American amusement business’s annual revenue is about $45 billions, and employs 166,000 workers worldwide (Mink, 2007).
Walt Disney has centered its business on TV shows, radio, movies and cruises. In this pursuit, the company becomes a leader in the mass media production.
Walt Disney’s main is to become the world 's leading manufacturer and providers of information-entertainment thanks to its own crafted portfolio of brands to distinguish itself from other companies in the industry (Himmelberg, 2005). In so doing, the company attempts to swell its cash flow in allocating capital toward long-term growth and shareholder value (Himmelberg, 2005).
Walt Disney operates under a strategic business unit (SBU) organizational structure that groups “five diverse family-entertainment segments: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, the Walt Disney Studios, Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive” (Himmelberg, 2005). Analysis Walt-Disney’s corporate strategy concentrates on quality family amusement fulfillment. In like manner, the American entertainment company creates…
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