Walt Disney Concert Hall

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Public Spaces provide unique experiences and contribute to the identity of a city. Found as places like plazas, parks, marketplaces, within buildings, lobbies and many more. Public spaces are important to our society and therefore face more arguments in design and construction compared to private spaces.
In order to create innovative public architecture, considered to be the most civic, costly, time intensive and physical of the arts, the project holds a degree of risk, strife, and negotiation . Overcoming these tasks and creating worthy public architecture is a challenge designers try to accomplish, but are rarely successful. The people involved in a potential public building, can be larger than the building itself. Public
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And how would the building relate to the greater urban context?”
Nicholas felt that to gain a clearer understanding of the issues involved, he arranged a research tour of great concert halls around the world in November 1987. After the research and experience the travelers shared, the Berlin Philharmonie Hall by Hans Scharon was one of the groups favorite for its combination of acoustical excellence and audience intimacy. From there Ernest Fleischman, head of LA Phil during the time, agreed he wanted the Disney Concert Hall “to be a single-purpose hall that is inviting, open and accessible to the street” and related it to the experience of the Berlin Philharmonie.
The next step for the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a crucial one, choosing the architect for the Hall. The list began with eighty different architects from around the world. Through extensive processing and interviewing, the selection slimmed down to four architects: Goffried Bohm, Frank Gehry, Hans Hollein, and James Stirling.
From the start many people in the Music Center were opposed to Frank Gehry and his reputation of being an architectural “wild man” . In the end Gehry demonstrated consideration of what the building in Los Angeles should be. Even though the designs Gehry presented during the competition were not used, Gehry showed his understanding for the program; the important relationship looking to be expressed between musician and audience and his previous work with other music venues.
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