Walt Disney Corporation Essay

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Walt Disney, the creator of the Walt Disney Company, was famous for his ideas. He was named “an idea man” because of his ability to think of great ideas. His ideas are what ultimately allowed him to be successful in his career. Disney started his career as a hands-on cartoonist, but as his company grew, he became a full time manager, organizer, inspirer and innovator. Disney was often called a conceptual innovator because of his ability to simplify problems by synthesizing old ideas in ways that no one had ever thought of before. Disney often inspired himself by past works and sometimes borrowed ideas and ended up coming up with new and bold ideas. He would then make plans to achieve these ideas, and delegated the work accordingly to…show more content…
It is this attitude towards success that started to gave Disney his edge. Developing Innovation It wasn’t until the 1920’s until Disney found his real edge against his competition. The New York Shop of Max and Dave Fleischer which created cartoons such as Betty Boop and Popeye was Disney’s main competitor. During this time, the technology of sound was emerging and Disney saw great potential. He innovated a way to synchronize sound and action which spawned “Steamboat Willie.” That movie propelled Disney way ahead of his competitors and ever since then, Disney spent his career looking for the technology edge. One of Disney’s greatest assets was his work ethic. He often worked until midnight and demanded the same of his employees. However, Disney created a corporate campus with airy rooms and air conditioning along with top furniture. He always encouraged pranks among the staff and having a good laugh was important to the culture. Another one of Disney’s greatest assets was his ability to reinvent himself. When the success of “Snow White” occurred, Disney’s employees had high expectations that Disney could not fulfill. His employees went on strike and Disney became shattered. Out of the darkness, Disney reinvented himself and started his inspiration and ideas for Disneyland and emerged himself into the development of theme parks. Disney was often criticized as being unoriginal because his cartoons tended to be simplified versions of earlier works.
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