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Corporate Social Responsibility for the Walt Disney Company

Analysis: Is The Walt Disney Company Socially Responsible?
In my studies of The Walt Disney Company, I have found them to be a socially responsible company. The definition of corporate social responsibility goes as follows: “Corporate Social Responsibility is seriously considering the impact of the company’s actions on society.” (Carroll & Buchholtz, pg 30). According to The Walt Disney Company’s website (WWW.Disney.com/corporate) the six main components of their approach to corporate responsibility include, Business Standards and Ethics, Corporate Governance, Community, Disney’s Environmentaltiy, and International Labor Standards. The Walt Disney Company has, in many ways,
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The Walt Disney Company has a responsibility to their customers to make sure that their products are safe. They are doing so with the possibility to extend their testing further by making surprise inspections of the factories overseas. The Walt Disney Company may encounter a problem since it is not within their current contract to conduct such inspections.

Corporate Governance:
In an article in BusinessWeek, Disney gets the message (BusinessWeek, p132). Disney was on the bottom of the Best and Worst Surveys for Businessweek, the conflict of interest was the main reason they landed on the bottom. But the President and CEO at the time was able to pull them back to the top. “Corporations seeking guidance on how to govern themselves in the post-Enron world should look at Walt Disney Company. In a dramatic reversal, Disney has gone from having one of the worst boards of directors in Corporate America to having one of the best.” They now conduct business better than they have ever done before. “Disney now restricts key audit and compensation committees to independent directors. Outside directors hold meetings away from management, and they are restricted in the number of other boards they can sit on. Directors must own at least $100,000 in company stock, giving them a

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