Walt Disney

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FSM 4601 Group Member : Yap Zhen Tang 161452 Chai Jea Chuen 161446 Ng Siang Keat 161689 Sam Yan Hann 163908 Lecturer : Dr. Muhhidin Othman STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT IN FOOD INDUSTRY CASE STUDY Outline 1. Company Background 2. Vision Statement 3. Mission Statement 4. External Assessment External Opportunities External Threats External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix Competitive Profile Matrix Positioning Map 5. Internal Assessment Internal Strengths Internal Weaknesses Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix Financial Statement Financial Ratio Analysis 6. Strategic Analysis SWOT Matrix Strategic Position and Action Evaluation (SPACE) Matrix…show more content…
International growth/ New Market Disney has an opportunity to expand its movie production to such countries as India or China, where movie production industries have developed good quality infrastructure. This would result in lower movie production costs and more localized movies for India and China’s markets. Changes in technology and consumer consumption The company that stays on abreast of the rapid pace of technology change achieves higher advantage. With new media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it seems that the company that best takes advantage of these forums is at the forefront of pop culture–right where an entertainment corporation would hope to be. B. External Threats Economic recession A major threat to Disney’s success is the current market stagnation, as consumers do not have money to spend on Disney’s products and vacations. Changes in technology and consumer consumption The rate at which media and technology has changed in the last in the last 15 years is unprecedented. Since widespread availability of the Internet occurred in the late 1990s, media and technological advances have bred more media and technological advances. While that is wonderful news for the consumer, it leaves companies struggling to stay on top of changes occurring at an almost daily rate–so much so that often time technological departments have been bolstered just to keep organizations competitive on the online. Intellectual properties The
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