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Walt Disney Films are known to be as an incredible and outstanding fantasy stories producer. It created more than a hundred of films. Majority of what has been produced rely on fictional stories. The films that were released used animation to capture children’s interest and musically performed as well. Walt Disney produced fantasy stories like The Little Mermaid 1989; Sleeping Beauty 1959; Beauty and the Beast 1991; Cinderella 1950 and more. The tales most often than not were always about the life of a princess in search of her prince charming.

In line with the stories, one can never deny the fact that there would always be a villain or an antagonist. Those were the characters that would do anything to destroy the lives of the
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The execution of the concept were always attached with a colorful gown wore by the princesses, castles and magic. In the end, it penetrated on children’s perception thus, became part of their beliefs.

The completeness of the stories that showed on films covered dissimilarity on reality. It embraced fantasy concept a way far in realism. However, it triggered to produce heartwarming films. The concept of the stories stroked the minds and hearts of young female children which usually convey a love stories. Most protagonists were females or princesses so, evidently young female children were captivated on the stories with used of the unforgettable line “And they live happily ever after”. As a result, young female children when exposed to Walt Disney films tend to identify themselves with those fictional characters. They might as well perceive the stories will happen in life situations.

Children perceive fictional characters as a model. They tend to imitate the parts that a fictional characters that they adore.

Perhaps, the reasons these films are so popular and influential to children is simply because their focus is directed distinctively towards them. Each character in Disney films possesses a distinct personality wherein children who watches these films may tend to characterize themselves as the character also.

Children’s repeated exposure to Disney Films and Female Disney
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