Walt Disney Human Resource Practices

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The Walt Disney Corporation Human Resource Practices Shannon Breedlove MGMT 4242 December 8, 2011 Abstract Human resource management of an organization is an essential element of a company’s overall accomplishment of goals and business strategy. The Walt Disney Corporations has proven itself a leader in HR management over its eighty-eight years in the business. It has grown into a global company within the consumer services sector and the industry of media conglomerates. The paper will demonstrate the challenges Disney has had to face and continues to face in its HR department, as well as HR practices that are need to be implemented for continuous success for Disney. In the case of the Euro Disney Park human resource managements was…show more content…
2011). With these goals Disney has become a leader in its sector. It has an earning growth of +14.55%, net profit margin of 11.76%, net revenue of $40.9 billion in 2011, and a market cap of $66.8 billion (DIS). Also, Disney employs 156K people up from the previous year of 149K. Some of Disney’s major competitors are Time Warner Incorporation, New Corporation, and Viacome Incorporation, yet Disney holds the leading sport with the highest market cap. The Walt Disney Corporation still has challenges it needs to figure out like economic downturn, union disputes, payroll issues, and blocks in international expansion (Johnson, 2011). SWAT Analysis Walt Disney Corporation has gained many strengths and opportunities throughout its existence, and minimized it’s weaknesses and threats. Disney is very adamant at diversifying its staff family by hiring people from all over the world (Weinstein, 2008). Schneider’s ASA Framework takes a great presence in Disney due to the hiring plan of positive energetic employees and the attraction those personalities to the company. Disney provides its employees with in-depth training process that can be done through hands-on training, classroom instructions, or computer based virtual training (Weinstein, 2008). Disney holds true to three beliefs when hiring: 1. “Hire best and let
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