Walt Disney Influence

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Out of all the people who walked this earth, there were millions of very influential people. They act as a hero, make great accomplishments, and show their beliefs. One man who has done all of the above, is Walter Elias Disney. This man is influential because of the large company he’s created, the minds he’s inspired, and the joy he brought. One way Walt Disney was influential is because of his beliefs, characteristics, and his traits. I know his beliefs support this because one of his famous are, “I dream, I test my dreams against my beliefs, I dare to take risks, and I execute my vision to make those dreams come true.” This helps my original claim because it shows he’s passionate about his beliefs, and he executed his eyesight to make them happen. Walt’s characteristics are also influential because according to HealthResearchFunding.org it states, “Walt Disney was creative and passionate about his work.” This supports my claim because it shows how much he cares for his work, and animation. Lastly, Walt Disney’s traits are influential because according to the same site HealthResearchFunding.org it says, “he was extremely gentle and caring.” This supports my claim because it shows he was an extremely…show more content…
I know he was a hero because in entertainment.time.com it says, “Was in world war at age of 16.” This supports my claim because at even such a low age, he wanted to fight. Another way I know he was hero is evidence from entertainment.time.com and it says, “He dropped out of high school to join world war.” This supports my claim because it shows that stopped his education to be in the World War 1. One final reason I know that he’s a hero is on entertainment.time.com and says on there, “managed to find employment with the Red Cross as an ambulance driver.” This supports my original claim because he wasn’t a fighter, he healed, and got people to safety. This is how Walt disney is a
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