Walt Disney Media Conglomerate Analysis

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Walt Disney: Media

Introduction/Random Information
The Walt Disney Company is the world’s largest media conglomerate. The company has the ability to be a successful conglomerate due to its Board of Directors, content theme of quality, as well as customer ordination in all its operating segments. The company has television holdings in ABC and ten other broadcasting stations, as well as cable networks including; ABC Family, A&E (37%), and ESPN (80%).
Each of these divisions that Disney owns and operates are leaders in their respective industries and capitalize multiple channels that have been created to additional products and other tangible goods account for 10% of Walt Disney’s revenue.
Media Networks - $17,162,000,000 is up 6%
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The plan is to market these 3D releases by debuting in the consumer home with select Sony 3D products. This launching would be during the high-traffic holiday retail season which will be featured nationwide in the United States.
Disney recently announced it was launching eight mobile games for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Java/Brew. Both companies are motivated by what seems to be a booming casual gaming market.
Another Disney invention is the soon to be released netbook, a "Netpal" for 6-12 year-olds. Made by netbook pioneer Asustek and selling for $350 at Toys "R" Us starting in late July. A version with more storage and a longer battery will go through Amazon.com and other retailers. The widget should go international by the end of the year. The Walt Disney Company is also now one of the biggest players in the fast-growing social gaming business. Recently the company said it had agreed to acquire Playdom–the outfit behind games like Social City, Sorority Life, and Market Street for up to $763 million. Under the terms of the deal, Disney (DIS) will pay $563.2 million for Playdom up front and an additional $200 million if the social gaming company meets certain unspecified growth thresholds. For Disney purchasing Playdom, the No. 4 social gaming company on Facebook (and No. 1 on MySpace), is a quick and easy way to extend its characters and brands to social games, a market that could be worth $1.5 billion within three years.

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