Walt Disney Over The Years Has Impacted The Lives Of Millions

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Walt Disney over the years has impacted the lives of millions of children with his animated films. His Disney movies have evolved in the last years and have moved from the traditional damsel in distress theme. Specifically, the classic movie Cinderella gives the wrong idea about what it is to be a woman for young girls. The movie portrays a young woman facing emotional, mental, and physical abuse by her evil stepmother and later falls in love with a charming prince. However, if viewers take a closer look, Disney’s anti feminist message is firmly emphasized. The story of Cinderella is sexist due to it’s lesson to girls that beauty and submission will award them a rich bachelor. This is seen through Cinderella’s submissive behavior, Prince…show more content…
Furthermore, Cinderella’s innocent and dreaming tendency shows that women are merely weak beings. They think with their hearts rather than with their brains and are easily influenced by their emotions. For this reason, women need men to protect and secure them. Due to this, girls are presented with the idea that they must be less than men in order to be saved by one. On the other hand, young girls are shown the tendency for females to compete with one another rather than empower each other. Lady Tremaine teaches her daughters to eliminate girls that are better than them. For example, Lady Tremaine locks Cinderella in her room to prevent the Duke from fitting the shoe on her. The film is showing girls to fight tooth and claw with one another in order to get ahead. As a result, women are viewed as only being capable to move up in society by manipulating and betraying others. Women are not capable enough to win positions on their own. Furthermore, Lady Tremaine’s character serves to show how women are incapable of being the matriarch. For example, Lady Tremaine was incapable of handling the family 's wealth, which led to Cinderella becoming the servant for the home. For this reason, girls are taught that they need a male figure to handle the finances of the home, while they tend to the chores. The evil stepmother gender role has caused children since the film was made, to hold a deep-seated hate towards stepmothers. The lead male role in
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