Walt Disney Propaganda Essay

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Hi, I’m Emma Ann my companions names are Minnie and Daisy. We work at the propaganda stage that I lead at Walt Disney films. It’s 1942,and also in the middle of World War 2. Mr. Disney asked us personally if we could make a very special propaganda video for the war. “ It wasn’t personally,” “ It was through an assistant.” Said Minnie and Daisy. Ok what ever, as I was saying, it’s about dropping a bomb city in japan . “ No.” Yes it does you two. What do you girls know you're just stupid animals. “That’s what you think of us!” Said Minnie. I’m so sorry you two I didn’t mean it, you guys think you know more than me when I’m the boss. Anyway who should star? “I think Donald, Mickey, Goofy, Pete, and Pluto.” “ Ok Minnie.” You two are so right.
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