Walt Disney : The Disney

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Walt Disney is famous for his animated movies through the 20th century. It all started in the 1920s with a series Walt Disney directed consisting of seven fairy tales. Walt Disney is most famously known for his character Mickey Mouse, which appears first in Steamboat Willie, in 1928. It was the first Disney cartoon to be produced with synchronized sound. From this, an empire was created. The Walt Disney Company still produces cartoons to this day, but how did we get to the movies children watch today, such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Frozen?
In 1937, Snow White and the Seven Drawfs was released. This was two years before World War II began, and at the end of the Great Depression. People were watching television and movies to escape reality, so fairy tale cartoons were enjoyed by adults and children alike. Walt Disney experimented with ground-breaking technology, producing Snow White as one of the first technicolor films and the first full length Disney feature, according to a review written by Roger Ebert. Disney also experimented with the multiplane camera, which gave the illusion of a scene being three-dimensional by placing multiple levels of drawing on top of one another, and moving them. Until computer animations came along, this was a trick used in many animated movies. The story of Snow White sets the stage for most future Disney princess movies. There is a princess, or a princess-to-be, waiting for the man of her dreams to come and save and eventually marry her.
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