Walt Disney : The Man Behind The Mouse

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Darryl Butler
Dr. Ellis
English 1
29 May 2016
Walt Disney
“The man behind the mouse” The influential person that I have chosen to write about is Walt Disney. Walt Disney is the most influential person that has ever existed. Walt Disney is important because of the way he impacted the world. Some of the reason Walt Disney is influential is because of his perseverance and his ability to dream big. Walt Disney’s legacy will live on for ever.
Doing the impossible is one of the things that makes Walt so influential. Throughout his whole life he did things that people said were impossible. People told Walt that he could never make a carton with fully synchronized sound (Postma,2016).Even
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During the last two decades of his life Walt Disney’s influence on theme parks dramatically increased. It all started when Walt decided to build a park where people of all ages could have fun together. This all started when he realized that there were no amusement parks intended for people of all ages. This how the idea of Disneyland started. Disneyland was built on the idea of being a place where everyone could have fun and feel secluded from the outside world. When Disneyland opened it became so popular that it became a model of what you should look for in a good theme park (Postma,2016). Disneyland was so influential that it inspired 5 other Disney resorts worldwide which all together included 10 others theme parks . Disney theme parks actually the must popular theme parks in the world (Inside the Magic,2016). The Shanghai Disneyland resort will be the newest Disney Resort when it open on June 16 2016. Walt Disney is famously known for improving on things that already exist. Most of the movies that Walt made were based of Europe stories. The stories of characters like Snow White and Pinocchio existed way before Walt made movie about them. All Walt did is make improvements to the plots of those stories. Theme parks existed before Disneyland. Walt Disney just made major improvements to the idea of what a theme park should be. Before Walt Disney made Disneyland amusement parks were really only made for kids. Now
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