Walt Disney : The World 's First Theme Park

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Walt Disney became an icon in the United Sates through his accomplishments and innovations. He is known for his variety of movies, theme parks, and institutions. Disney was the first to invent a carton in full color. Also, he opened the world’s first theme park. Disney was a very talented person and made many accomplishments.
Disney grew up on his uncle’s farm in Missouri with his mother, father, and four siblings. Being the son of a stern religious fundamentalist, his childhood was far from easy. His father, Elias, did not allow the children to play with toys, games, or sports equipment. They were forced to work on the farm to help with the family’s finances. Their family moved quite often; from Chicago to Marceline, Missouri, to Kansas
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There, they created Disney Studios and then produced 56 “Alice” films within three years as well as 26 “Oswald the Rabbit” films in under two years.
In 1928, Disney created the character Mickey Mouse. Originally, Mickey was portrayed as an airplane pilot, then an adventurous pirate. Disney’s first sound movie was called “The Jazz Singer”, which led to the world’s first talking-and-music cartoon called “Steamboat Willie” featuring Mickey Mouse. Because the cartoon was getting so much positive attention, Disney decided to add a few new characters by the names of Minnie Mouse (Mickey’s girlfriend), Goofy, Plato, and Donald Duck. After eight years of its creation, Mickey Mouse was being recognized all over the world as a “popular personality” (Baughman).
From 1930 to 1970, Walt created several cartoons. Some of these ‘classics’ included “Dumbo,” Pinocchio,” and “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” Peter Pan,” Lady and the Tramp,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “101 Dalmatians,” “The Sword and the Stone,” and “The Jungle Book.” In 1932, Disney developed the first cartoon to be made in full color, Flowers and Trees’ an installment in his “Silly Symphony” series (UXL Biographies). He had become very successful in the world of cartoons until 1940 when he experienced his first financial struggle with the invention of the cartoon “Fantasia.” He was devastated. Soon after, some of his writers went on strike because of his “dictatorial style” (Carson and Bonk).
In 1945, Disney put together
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