Walt Disney, a Brief Biography Essay

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Walt Disney once said, “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” One man’s dream changed the world. Walt Disney is known worldwide for his ingenuity and creativity. He is also recognized for one of the biggest corporations worldwide. So what has made him stand out? All through Walt’s life, he worked hard to rise above his circumstances, determined never to give up, and above all to never stop dreaming. Walt Disney is among the top most successful businessmen of his time because of the ventures he made, the work he established, and his legacy that lives on.
“Walter Elias Disney was born December 5, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois, to Elias and Flora Disney…Walt’s parents …decided to move closer to family on a
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On May 23, 1922, he incorporated laugh-O-gram Films with $15,000 from local investors who contributed.” (Thomas 62) In the above stated book, we see that this gained him some popularity and he began to become confident with his animation skills. Sadly, sooner than later, his Laugh-O-gram business went bankrupt. (Thomas 66) Through this, we see that Walt did not become wildly successful immediately, but that he went through large discouraging times. Most people would have quit and decide to find a steady job, but not Walt. He went through many hard times before he hit his big break.
“In August of 1923, Walt Disney left Kansas City for Hollywood with nothing but a few drawing materials, $40 in his pocket and a completed animated and live action film.” (D23) To leave the security of his home and try for such a competitive place as Hollywood required a lot of ambition. For someone as unfortunate as he was, he didn’t let giving up on his dream an option.
“Walt’s brother Roy O. Disney was already in California, with an immense amount of sympathy and encouragement, and $250. Pooling their resources, they borrowed an additional $500 and constructed a camera stand in their uncle’s garage. Soon, they received an order from New York for the first “Alice Comedy” short, and the brothers began their production operation in the rear of a Hollywood real estate office two blocks away.” (D23)
This was the true beginning of Walt’s
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