Walt Disney 's Core Competency

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Walt Disney
The Walt Disney is a world leading company for the entertainment of all especially families; it is also a media enterprise with different business segments. The main five business segments are studio entertainment, parks and resorts, media networks, consumer products and interactive media. Walt Disney’s original main competence was only animated movies and cartoons. By combining Imagineering with engineering Disney’s company reached supreme success with the formation of the first full length animated movie. This success led to new dreams and ideas, one of them was to open a park, a different kind of park. In Disneyland Walt used new technology to bring his characters to life. He called them “Animatronics”. (Magical Kingdoms, July 2008). With inimitable storytelling and high excellence of service Walt Disney created a magical setting for his guests which none of the competitors could quite duplicate. This then became as said Walt Disney’s core competency. The park has a lot of good reasons behind it’s everlasting success one of them reason being that they have such a good team working behind closed doors to name at least two there’s the human resources team and technology team. The human resources team at Walt Disney partner with different business to develop different strategies specific to each segment. They are also there providing innovative business solutions all over the world in the work environment all of this to promote nothing but success. Working with…
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