Walt Disney 's Early Life

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The beginning- Walt Disney’s early years- Walt Disney was born in Chicago, IL on December 5, 1901. His family soon moved to a Missouri farm where then he began to draw. That farm failed so they moved to Kansas City where Walt started delivering newspapers. In 1917, the family moved to Chicago. Walt started making art for his high school! Walt took classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, and tried to get into the U.S. Army. He got rejected for being underage so he joined the American Ambulance Corps and arrived in France as World War I ended. When Walt returned from France he returned to Kansas City again. He got a job a commercial art studio. In 1920, while working at an ad company, Walt found out about the world of animation and started up with that. While sticking with his job during the day, he began making Laugh-O-gram ad rolls and animations with the artist ‘Ub Iwerks’. LOG Films soon went broke, and Walt, at age 21 moved to California somewhere with only $40 in his pocket. Walt had a passion for art. He was creative, inspired by other artists, and he had a natural talent. He looked up to certain people that were big in the art community and dedicated himself to strive to become successful. He tried and tried and eventually he started breaking ground with new inventive ideas and his natural talents that eventually developed into the Disney Empire. Walt is a well-known figure around the globe and is known to have naming in the tv channel “Disney” and even has
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