Walt Disney 's Influence On

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Examining Walt Disney 's Influence 1 Examining Walt Disney Production 's Influence 1 Examining Walt Disney Production 's Influence on Brad Bird Sean Skokan Cleveland State University Outline 1) Introduction- Introduces reader to Brad Bird, his films, and Disney 's influence on both his work and his life. 2) Body Disney Protagonists- Demonstrates how Disney protagonists, specifically females, are depicted in films through several studies. Brad Bird 's Protagonists- Examines how protagonists are displayed in Brad Bird 's films and compares them to previously established masculine and feminine qualities that have resulted from these previous studies. 3) Conclusion- Summarizes the influence of Disney on Brad Bird 's life and films. Abstract This paper explores the influence and impact of classic Walt Disney productions on Brad Bird and his films, and how these aforementioned productions compare and contrast to Bird 's films. Disney protagonists are examined through their gender, feminine and masculine characteristics, through several studies. These studies and their results are then used as a basis to compare and contrast to the depiction of protagonists in Brad Bird 's films, as the depiction and traits of these protagonists are examined. Examining Walt Disney 's Influence on Brad Bird Introduction to Brad Bird The products of the goliath commonly known as Disney and formally known as The Walt Disney Company have had an undeniably large impact on animated
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