Essay on Walt Disney the American Hero

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Walt Disney the American Hero

     Walt Disney; When that name is spoken faces of children and adults alike light up with looks of sheer joy. When debating what to see at the movies the newest Disney flick is almost always decided upon over the others. With Disney people are 100 percent sure to walk out of the theater happy and smiling. From the catchy theme songs to the thrilling theme parks Disney has built the fantasy empire. Although he built the fantasy world Disney was not a man who walked around with his head in the clouds. He used his animation and film making skills to not only make fantastic movies but to also bring joy into times of war, fun into times of education, and excitement into times of vacation
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Along with music and art, Disney's school taught such things as theater design, cinematography, sculpture, ceramics, and fashion design( Walt Disney Biography). Although many Americans have grand dreams very few follow through with them to the extent that Disney did. While in the midst of building his school Disney said "It's the principle thing that I hope to leave when I move on to greener pastures. If I can help to provide a place to develop the talents of the future, I think I will have accomplished something( Walt Disney Biography)." His need for the advancement of education shows that Walt Disney was not a common man. It shows that he was in fact a man with the makings of an American hero.
     Along with his serious Down to earth side Disney also lived part of his life in the realms of fantasy and imagination. His great love of fantasy and the great lack of family entertainment in America inspired Walt to build a theme park of his own. All of America thought that this time Disney had really gone crazy. As Disney once said about the reactions to his ideas for a park "Almost everyone warned us that Disneyland would be a Hollywood spectacular - a spectacular failure. But they were thinking about an amusement park, and we believe in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have
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