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Walt Disney’s Career Imagine the world without Walt Disney, imagine never knowing who Mickey or Minnie Mouse were. Think about not ever laughing at a film created by Disney, not even 1 of the 635 ever produced. Walt has brought laughter into family rooms of millions and has continued that for almost 90 years. He was a legend. Walt Disney grew up drawing for friends and newspapers and ended up becoming one of the greatest entertainers and film producers. Walt Disney was born on December 5th, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. Soon the family moved to Marcelline, Missouri in 1906 to a small farm. Walt first started showing interest in drawing here. Walt often drew pictures of their neighbors horse Rupert. Rupert was the the first drawing Walter …show more content…
They acquired a secondhand movie camera which the two used to make short 1-2 minute advertisements which were sold to local movie theatre’s. Their first cartoons were called Laugh-O-Grams, a series of short fairy tales animations mixed with live action acting. The series was a success until a New York producer cheated Disney, which caused the two to file for bankruptcy in 1923. Walt soon moved to California and partnered with his brother Roy to join him in producing cartoons. Walt managed the creative parts of the business while Roy managed the financial end. They set up shop in their Uncle’s garage and got to work. Walt convinced Ub Iwerks to join him in the business by being one of his animators. Soon the trio got working, they borrowed a small amount of cash and began to think. Disney and Iwerks came up with a small rabbit named Oswald. Oswald The Rabbit was licensed to Universal Studio’s at $1500 episode. This helped launch their small business. The series was going great until Disney asked for a raise due to a costly budget, to his surprise Universal Studio’s wanted to cut his pay by 20%. Disney declined the offer and quit drawing Oswald in the spring of 1928. The series went on anyway. Later that year Walt and Iwerks experimented with an energetic new character, a small mouse originally named Mortimer Mouse. With the constant complaints from his wife Walt changed Mortimer to Mickey, and the legend was

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