Walt Disney's Corporate Social Responsibility Program

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The Walt Disney Company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program The Walt Disney Company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) program focuses on two key stakeholders, found outside of and within the company: the communities it serves through its programs and its employees, respectively. Consistent with its branding and image as a "family" company, Disney has emulated its image by not only focusing on communities that are also its target audiences, but also to its employees who make it possible for Disney operations to run smoothly. This review of Disney's CSR program or "social contract" will focus on its employee welfare and development programs. Disney, as a company that mainly targets families as its primary audience, has also developed its employee engagement program around this concept. Within the company, Disney has maintained the feeling of a family's belongingness with its employees. One aspect of Disney's employee program and "social contract" is through its recognition of values that are considered critical and important to people, such as equality and compassion for others. Employees are trained intensively on the Disney corporate values, well-integrated into the responsibilities and daily tasks of its employees. In this aspect of the employee program, Disney uses the multimedia platform of communicating its corporate values and work ethics to its employees. Through training videos developed specifically for Disney, employees are given inspiration and

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