Walt Disney's Impact On American Culture

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Walt Disney
Try to imagine a world without Disney movies and characters, Disney World, and all of the other great things that Walt Disney has brought to life. Our lives would be completely different, because for many people, Disney played an important role in their childhood and even throughout the course of their lives. Even today, forty years after his passing, we still are reminded of all the great things Walt Elias Disney accomplished. Not only was he successful in creating timeless and captivating stories and characters that turned into films and parks, but he also made significant contributions to U.S. history and culture. During difficult times, he provided happiness for a number of Americans and positively changed the way that we view
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He and his enterprise displayed fantasy, innocence, warmth and resilience to people all over the country and even the world, and to many he was portrayed as a positive symbol to represent the American way of life. Additionally, Mickey Mouse, arguably the most famous and loved of Disney’s creations, played an important role in American culture. Mickey Mouse Clubs became popular after the television show aired in the ‘50s, and enabled youth to become more involved in film and excitable about art in general. In fact, Disney helped pave the way for similar organizations, as he envisioned the possibilities of a national network of them. In addition to impacting American culture by intriguing young audiences, he also changed the daily lives of many U.S. citizens. As manufacturing and the growth of a consumer economy made it all the more possible to do less laborious work, Americans had more leisure time. Disney took advantage of this. The Wall Street Journal published an article in which they showed how his efforts in filmmaking, television, commercials, merchandising and licensing, publications, comic strips, etc. had the ability to project one another before consumers. People at home had more time on their hands, so seeing this sudden increase in Disney’s business efforts motivated them to become more…show more content…
He spoke for his society and fought for what he believed in, all while promoting positive messages and spreading love and peace. He was unique in the ways that he made significant contributions to both US history and culture; he brought new aspects of film to the table that had never been seen before and paved the way to the cinematic elements that we have today, while simultaneously leading and speaking for the people during troubling times in both the economy and foreign relations. For these reasons, his legacy is likely to live on forever in the hearts and minds of
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