Walt Disney's Three Little Pigs Help Children's Cognitive, Language, and Moral Development

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As human beings, we are born as social creatures from the day we get out of the womb and it is our caretakers that teach us how to adapt to their cultures way of life and make connections. People make these connections through various things such as verbal speech, symbols, and writings that are pasted down through the generations of time. All of these things can be classified as language, which is a way we make connections with each other. Children are able to learn this language with their ever growing cognitive development. Cognitive development is the process in which the mind processes things. The brain gets new information and then classifies that information. Moral development is how we understand and perceive the things that we learn. Our morals are what shape us as people; they are the very gateway that helps form our thoughts and personality. Together a child’s cognitive, language and moral development help guide them to understand their world around them. In 1972 Walt Disney recreated the classic tale of the three little pigs, a story of about three brother pigs and a hungry wolf. In Walt Disney’s version the three little pigs are told that they are old enough to move out of their mother’s house, which is down the bottom of a hill. While all three pigs agree with their mother they were completely unaware of the wolf that lived up top of…
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