Walt Whitman Biography Essay

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Walt Whitman There are many things that people think about when the think about Walt Whitman. Whitman was an American poet, one of my favorite American poets to be exact. My favorite thing about Whitman is that he was a very controversial writer and was not scared to use his opinion. Whitman was known and referred to as the father of free verse for his controversial writing, although he referred to himself as the American Bard at Last. Whitman had a very strong opinion and a poet and his opinion often did not go over well with his employers at the newspaper where he worked. In a four-year period, he was fired from seven different newspapers due to his difference of opinion. Most of Whitman’s work often included the topics of death and sexuality; which back in this time frame…show more content…
Whitman was the second child born, he moved with his family to Brooklyn when he was four years old. When Whitman was 11 years old his formal education ended. He held a variety of jobs trying to help support his family. He worked at a newspaper called The Patriot where Samuel E. Clements was the editor. Whitman died on March 26th, 1982. During the autopsy, it was discovered that bronchial pneumonia had caused his lung capacity to shrink and that he had an abscess on his chest. Whitman is generally considered, along with Emily Dickinson, to be one of the most important American Poets. The Leaves of Grass does not mean what most people think In conclusion Walt Whitman is one of my favorite poets of all time; and aside from him having the nickname Father of Free Verse and referred to himself as the American Bard at Last everything from his birth to his death are intriguing. Whitman is a very well know American Poet and will forever be known as a controversial writer, essayist, journalist, a humanist and was part of the transition between transcendentalism and realism. Incorporating both
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