Walt Whitman Contributions

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It is known without a doubt, that Walt Whitman is a key contributor to the evolution of American literature. Whitman was born in 1819 to a classic working family and is also considered to be a part of the first generation of children since the United States was formed. It is only fitting that amount of pride felt across the nation filled Whitman since he was just a small child. It was because of his pride as an American, that Whitman set out to change American literature and move away from the British styles of writing. Despite writing during the Romantic era, Whitman's works are often considered to be futuristic of his own time. Whitman accomplished his goal to impact American literature through his innovative writing style, addressing political issues, and using themes about sexuality and religion that broke social barriers.
Whitman started his writing career as a journalist for a few small newspapers even though he formal education ended when he was just eleven years old. Despite lacking the formal education, Whitman went on to be a school teacher, a journalist, and eventually started his own newspaper. Whitman's first poems are considered to be in line with the Romantic era. Containing themes about love, normal rhyme schemes, and conventionally made Whitman's poems just average and rather boring. Ralph Waldo Emerson, often considered the father of American literature, plead for American poets to step forward and create a new, innovative American style. Whitman heard
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