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During the time period that Walter Whitman lived, there were many controversial things happening to the American people as a whole. One of the most strenuous upon society at the time was the Civil War. The Civil War created many problems in the lives of most Americans during this time period. This war also prompted, and inspired Walt to create many of his historical works of art. The war was raging in both the north and the south during Whitman's golden era of his writing. In the North, the economy was blooming, and growing, and industry was getting better and better each day. While in the South, the price, and the labor of the war was taking its effect upon society. The economy was getting worse, and worse as time went on. The problems …show more content…
This poem was a poem for how the entire country felt at the same time.
     Another great breakthrough at this time was the development of the new national pastime, baseball. Baseball originated during the 1880's, and was derived from the British sport of cricket. It was said that the founder of baseball was a man by the name of Abner Doubleday. He started the game in Cooperstown New York. Now, this is not a fact that he was the man that really created the sport, but no one really knows for sure who it was, so he was given credit. There have been so many things that have occurred due to the invention of the sport of baseball. Thanks to it, it gave people something to do during the weekends, and something enjoyable to do as a family. If not for the growth in the popularity of the sport of baseball, we wouldn't have done so much to increase the popularity for football or basketball.
     During Whitman's time of great writing, and his most popular days, the industrial workers were booming in the North. And him being from the North, and the city of Pittsburgh, he also used this to shine in his writings, such as in I Hear America Singing (Whitman, 3). For some reason, Whitman enjoyed many of the strong workers that did the manual labor for the steel mills, and many other strenuous jobs.
     This time in American history was nowhere near the homosexual

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