Walt Whitman Poem Analysis

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Connotation- The poem was inspired by Walt Whitman, hence the free verse style of poetry. It was done solely out of inspiration as well, no other poet or poetess could compete with him, with regards to the complexity of his poems. Although this is nowhere near the genius of Whitman, it still resembles the poet's work, through free verse. Nevertheless, the poem was written in free verse in order to sound scholarly, and although it may be tougher to create a poem that rhymes, it can also be said that rhyming draws some of the creative freedom out of a poem, when a poet or poetess is writing one. Thus, the poem was written in free verse, because of the previous explanations. Another component of the poem was the comparison of life to a maze,…show more content…
With that regard, that is why the poem was similar to the likes of Walt Whitman, because it had an optimistic energy. Shift- The shift appeared in the final section of the poem, when it was stated that the only person who can answer the questions that life presents is themself, because everyone almost everyone has a separate opinion on an issue that broad. Throughout the poem, it shifts as well, because it goes from a question, to personal reflection, to the extended metaphor, but then to the most dramatic shift. It should be considered the most dramatic shift, because it is placing the weight of the question on the reader, provoking thought, that is what was beautiful about the poem. Theme- The theme of the poem was discovering individuality within oneself through personal reflection. It was that theme, because the perspective of the poem was just that, in order to learn from one’s mistakes, one must reflect on them to navigate their way to ultimate happiness. Furthermore, as they mature, they also learn other valuable lessons throughout life, and find develop and their own answers to the questions of life. Reflection- As stated previously, this poem was inspired by Walt Whitman’s work, but it was also inspired by religion. Buddhism, in short, focuses on enlightenment and eliminating the essentials from the non-essentials, in order to achieve tranquility. It was very inspiring, and then began the creation of the basis for the
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