Walt Whitman's A Child Said, What Is The Grass

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“The smallest sprouts show there is really no death, And if ever there was it led forward life”, declares Walt Whitman, an American poet and nature enthusiast, in his classic poem: ‘A Child Said, What Is The Grass’? Whitman correlates the roots of grass to the circle of life. The poem leads off with a child asks an existential question about grass. The author, unsure how to respond, ponders the existence of grass in relation to the existence of humanity and even himself. My belief is that although at first he is unable to answer the question, he concludes that the life of grass is like that of humanity. The poem begins painting an image of a young child approaching the writer with a handful of grass asking him “what is the grass?”. The child phrases the subject as “THE grass” not just grass. The child is heedful of what grass is, but not of its purpose. The author, dumbfounded, is unsure how to answer the question as he knows no more than the child. Although he doesn’t unsure of an answer at first, he finds himself pondering multiple explanations for the rest of the poem
The first possible response is that the grass is the flag of his disposition, meaning that it represents our own dispositions, our spirits or attitude towards life. He then
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However, the question was never really about grass. Children are known to ask a lot of questions. And at a certain stage of their life the question “why?” comes up a lot. When you need to ask about why something exists, you have to ask why everything around you exists. The grass can be replaced with anything, but was only used because of how mundane and everyday it is. Grass is also everywhere in numerous amounts. Most likely at a park where this child may have been playing at. Whitman is fully aware of the child's curiosity, and knows it’s not just about grass. That doesn’t make the question much easier for him
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