Walter Ciszek Research Paper

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Walter Ciszek was born in 1904 in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania as the son of an immigrant coal miner. When Walter was young, he was considered a bully and trouble maker, often starting fights just for the “devilment”. Once, his own father went to the police station and asked the police to take his son the reform school. In eighth grade Walter decided that he was going to become a priest, although much to his father’s disbelief, and entered the Polish minor seminary. Walter would do extreme feats in order to prove that he could do anything that someone else could do, like giving up nearly all food during lent, giving up meat for an entire year, swimming in a nearly frozen lake, and running five miles each morning at four thirty. After reading the life of…show more content…
After finally arriving, he worked in the mines and as a construction worker, and as a priest in secret. He would hold masses in secret at night and her fellow worker’s confessions during the day. In April 22, 1955, three years before his sentence was up, Walter was set free but was only allowed to go to the town of Norilsk. One of the first things he did after obtaining his freedom was writing a letter to his sisters in America and his sister were astonished at him being alive. Walter continued his calling as a priest in the town, gaining respect of the citizens and even converting some of them, until the KGB ordered him to leave to Kransnoyarsk. The same incident occurred there also and he moved to Abakan for four years as a mechanic. In April of 1963 he received a letter from his sister Helen who was finally able to meet him in Russia during June with KGB permission. However her visa was delayed and Walter has taken to Moscow in October. Walter was unexplainable given VIP treatment during his time in the capital, but he later found out why when he was taken the Moscow
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