Walter Hallet Case Study

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Wellness Coach Teresa Cain met with Walter Hallet to discuss his apartment inspection, medical health, and mental health. Walter Hallet scheduled apartment inspection was on 12/6/2016. Wellness Coach went to Mr. Hallet’s residence to conduct an apartment inspection but he denied me access. Wellness Coach responded okay and then informed him that he can meet me in the staff office if he feels more comfortable. Wellness Coach provided Mr. Hallet with a scheduled appointment for 12/15/2016 to discuss his medical and mental health. On 12/15/2016 Mr. Hallet came to the staff office in interest of his medical and mental health. Medical: Wellness Coach asked Mr. Hallet how was his day and he said he was doing well. He also express that he been taking his medication but the sleep pills is causing to have irregular patterns of sleep. Mr. Hallet has been falling to sleep everywhere even while traveling on public transportation. He also stated that the sleep pills are causing him to even fall asleep during the work hours. Wellness Coach and Family Counselor Clair Arzon discuss with Mr. Hallet that maybe creating sleep pattern will then decrease the irregular sleeping. He express that he has tried everything. Family Counselor Ms. Arzon inform Mr. Hallet to try not taking the sleeping pills for a few days to see how his sleep habits will be. If he gets sleepy then to take walks or drink water to help keep Mr. Hallet up during the day and when bedtime come try turning the TV off therefore you can relax. Plan of action: Wellness Coach will follow up with Mr. Hallet on his medical health as well as his sleeping habits. Stage of Change: Action Mental Health: Wellness Coach asked Mr. Hallet if he has any therapist appointments coming up and he express that his next appointment is on 12/20/2016 at 10:30am. Wellness Coach asked Mr. Hallet how he been managing his depression and he responded that he been active and walking daily. He been adherent to the medication but he wishes not to take them. In asking Mr. Hallet what is causing him to stop taking them and he states that it brings back vivid images that is causing him to form bad thoughts. Wellness Coach then asked if he is going to harm people or himself. Mr. Hallet

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