Walter Mity's The Tell-Tale Heart

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Imagine this story was a grand painting with fine details exposing the content of the image, but those details are only visible because of Walter Mitty's first person narrative account for without them the painting would be much less grand and only display a mere outline of something that is much more. Those details refer to the explicit unexpressed thoughts that constantly swarm inside of Walter's mind and since they do not interfere in reality outside of his imagination the impact of the story is felt strongest through his point of view. Even if the story was written in the account of his wife, known only as Mrs. Mitty, the story would lack extreme content as the title suggests a secret life that cannot be exposed by anyone other than…show more content…
Sometimes those movies are from the perspective of the un-sub and sometimes they are from the perspective of the victim, but just like in "The Tell-Tale Heart" the impact of the story can drastically change through the alteration of narrators. There are six characters introduced into this story, but only one of them allows the reader to experience the story from start to finish, affording the reader the opportunity to collect unbiased information about the main character, as we see in the first…show more content…
The crazed man exhibits sociopathic tendencies coupled with an obsessive compulsive disorder, which fixates him on the old man's eye. Here, the neighbor would have to speculate on these facts, as they were presented from the crazed man's own thoughts—had he spoken of his delusions, the neighbor could have heard him and given an even more intimate account. There is a lot going on in the crazed man's mind after he killed the old man, that fosters suspense for the reader as we wait for justice to strike him hard. There seems to be no sanely justifiable reason to have killed the old man and when the neighbor believes to have heard the murder, he gains that for-longed authority to bring the crazed man to justice, through the calling of the
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