Walter Wingfield Biography

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Walter C. Wingfield came up with a great invention of “Lawn Tennis” by applying past knowledge to new situations. The internationally known tennis athlete, Monica Seles stated, “Tennis has to become everything to you if you're going to make it to the top. You have to live it” (Seles, 2016). On October 16, 1833, Wingfield was born in Reuben, Denbighshire, Wales. He was from an English family. His mother died in 1836 after the birth of her second child and his father died of a bowel obstruction 10 years later. Walter was brought up by his uncle and great uncle. Wingfield graduated from the Russell School, being influenced by his great uncle, a colonel, in the Royal Military College. Sand Hurst. “He was told to be one of the Cornets in the 1st…show more content…
Through the invention of lawn tennis, people who enjoyed playing the sport did not have to go out and pay to play. Instead, they could just go out on their front lawn and hit a tennis ball with a friend. Lawn tennis also affected society because in people’s free time, they could enjoy their day by playing a fun sport at home (on their lawn). Some people said that lawn tennis was a bad idea because they couldn’t play on their grass when it was long and that’s when Wingfield came up the solution to cut one’s grass really short. Also, on a nice day, some people would like to spend the day outside rather than inside. The concept of outdoor lawn tennis was illuminating because those people could now play the sport outside instead of inside. They had fun playing outdoor lawn tennis and they got to feel the nice weather. Those are some of the many reasons Wingfield’s invention of outdoor lawn tennis positively affected society. “Tennis is a great sport” (The club of Riverdale, 2016). “Champions keep playing until they get it right” (Billie Jean King). Wingfield created, innovated and illuminated outdoor lawn tennis and overcame problems that he faced on his way. It was a great deed to many people, bringing them great satisfaction and a new perspective on indoor tennis. They were able to get fresh air, play enjoyable games, become healthier, gain strength and most of all, have fun. Wingfield was smart and innovative for the way he went about it, he did not reinvent the wheel, he just improved it. Wingfield came up with a great invention by applying past knowledge to new
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