Walter's Daydreams

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This is the story about aging WM, who goes in the city with his wife. While Mrs. Mitty in hairdressing salon, he should buy some things. When he makes these tasks, he escapes from the real world in the daydreams. All this dreams caused by some things in reality, connected with the dream. In the first dream, when he drives the car, he imagines himself a commander of a navy hydroplane during the storm. As he passes the hospital, he dreams that he is world-famous surgeon. When he hears the newsboy shouting about WT, he depictures himself as crack shot in the courtroom. Forth daydream is about him being WW1 pilot. It happens, when he sees a picture of a German plane in the magazine. In the last dream he fantasizes that he is a brave man who is about to be killed by firing squad. In several dreams WM hears the sound "pocketa-pocketa-pocketa" and "rat-tat-tatting". Author uses onomatopoeia to add realism in Walter’s daydreams.…show more content…
Although it can be the moment, when Walter Mitty stands before the firing squad in his fantasy. Maybe he suggests the death of himself in a fantasy, to live a normal life of WM. Or nothing has changed and it is just another daydream. Plot structure technique in this story is complex. Thurber uses confabulations to tell all Mitty's fantasies. The main theme of this story is escapism. WM is retired, his life is ordinary and boring, he feels himself useless. So he tries to escape from reality by fantasizing that he is a great doctor or a WW1 pilot. He retreats from the real world to dreams, where he is strong and important person. There is an internal conflict of a man with himself in this short story. WM has a boring life. He is retarded and obeys his wife. So he escapes from reality in daydreams, where he is a
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