Walzer Supreme Emergency Analysis

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In a war, one of the many conventions modern nations attempt to keep is that combatant fighting stays within other combatants and that civilians should not be targeted. Yet, there are times, where that isn’t respected and that calls for a supreme emergencies by Walzer, where it is justifiable to break those conventions. So what describes a supreme emergency? Walzer states: that it is defined by two conditions, which match up to concepts necessities: the first has to do with the proximity of the danger and the second with its nature. The two conditions must both be applied to the situation; neither one can be sufficient by itself; Close but not serious, serious but not close–neither one makes for a supreme emergency.

The theory, Just war has
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It is a feature of our lived reality, a source of our identity and self-understanding. Replacing a political community requires either the abolition of the people or the coercive transformation of their way of life. Walzer conceives of a supreme emergency as a situation that threatens what he calls a political community’s “on going ness”. It is the loss of the furtherance of the community’s distinct religious and cultural practices and the necessary violation of basic human rights necessary to achieve this loss, which is the horrific part of a supreme…show more content…
Because like Walzer said “it’s only if millions of people are getting killed such as in Germany”, but before even looking into what it really was about. The Syria conflict came to my mind and I thought that would be considered the United States intervention was to protect innocent human lives. President Obama’s only problem in justifying a strike against Syria is one that involves jus ad bellum because his choice is not about “how” to fight, but “whether” or “on what authority” to do so. The problem lies in what actually justification will be on what kind of force will be used by the United States in Syria. So, I guess I’m just a little undecided on what could really be considered an emergency within the United States because the shootings of colored people and like the Charleston Church massacre in North Caroline. Many more things, happening internationally that involved the United States may be considered that; so let me know if I got the concept or not. It’s a very interesting one but also hard to understand on what can be, what in some
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