Wan Design Final Project Essay

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WAN Design
Farrah Slayton
June 26, 2011
Mike Stansbury

WAN Design Acme Manufacturing is an up-and-coming company that is now expanding to China, as well as other locations throughout the United States. The company will have the need for new equipment, a set-up appropriate for all locations to be able to communicate together on a weekly basis, and security is a priority. With the headquarters being located in Atlanta, GA, they house the corporate operations, marketing, administrative staff, and accounting personnel. The engineering and sales departments are located across the street from the headquarters building. There are distribution offices in Chicago, Phoenix, and New York and the plant is in China. All of these
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So, Acme Manufacturing would be able to expand in the future and not have to worry about purchasing new equipment for any new locations that open.
IP Address Scheme Acme Manufacturing would be considered a Class B network. That means they would be able to support 65,000 hosts on each of its 16,000 networks. Each VLAN is associated with a certain subnet, so the network will need a total of 12 subnets to accommodate all the locations and departments. The network will have 16 maximum subnets with 4,092 hosts per subnet and the subnet mask will be The IP address range will be to and the network administrators will be the ones who control the configuration of the subnets and addresses.
Acme Manufacturing will need the necessary equipment to set up the WAN to suit their needs properly. They will need switches and routers so they can configure the network to send the packages to the appropriate ports. Cisco switches and routers are one of the types they can use. Cisco is one of the industry’s top producers of equipment for all a user’s needs. Wireless equipment will enable all the personnel of Acme Manufacturing to stay in contact with all the offices, so there will not be a lag in the production of the company. The wireless equipment should use 802.11g/n standards that will allow for a high speed Internet connection. Wireless technology will enable the users to walk around the buildings to

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