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Company Overview In this plan, I will describe the process of creating a WAN for ACME Manufacturing. ACME Manufacturing has six buildings in different locations that need to be on the same network. Headquarters and the other remote locations of ACME Manufacturing share the need for constant communication with each other. Atlanta, Georgia, is the home of ACME manufacturing where they have another building across the street, their engineering facility. The other locations are in Phoenix, Chicago, New York, and China. Network Setup and Connections The LAN setup in Atlanta for the headquarters and engineering buildings will use a logical choice of routers and Ethernet cables. Using routers and Ethernet cables will provide speedy…show more content…
Some of the benefits of VOIP are, enhanced productivity, reduction in telecommunication costs, and makes any phone system highly flexible. VOIP increases productivity and provides useful features and capabilities that a normal phone system cannot offer. VLAN/IP Address Building a VLAN for ACME manufacturing one would think a Class B would be the choice, but with Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR), it will not be necessary. “CIDR eliminates the traditional concept of class A, B, and C network and with CIDR, the addresses that were wasted for the class A and B networks are reclaimed and redistributed for use later” (Regan, 2004). Dividing the network into smaller subnetworks, which would be the six builds that ACME occupies, will enhance network performance. Each subnetwork will have resources and devices available to its users and eventually freeing broadcast traffic in the network. Equipment for the Network Designing a WAN, the network equipment needs special considerations. The following list is the recommended equipment best suited for ACME manufacturing: * Mainframe computers * Switches and routers * Telephony system * Firewalls * Wireless equipment The main component of each of ACME manufacturing’s buildings are the mainframes computers. The mainframe in the headquarters building will control the connections of the different networks, in turn connecting all networks, routers, and firewalls to the mainframe at the

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