Wan (Lily) Fu . April 22, 2017 . Psychology 220 . Judge

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Wan (Lily) Fu
April 22, 2017
Psychology 220
Judge on the Genders
My very traditional parents developed a very gender-biased way of thinking as they were growing up, so they incorporated those ideas while raising my brother and I. They believed only certain genders should be doing certain things. Because of their views, my brother was treated differently than I was. My brother was always pushed to be the man of the house and to be served, while I was put to work and studying. By the time I was in second grade, I was doing household chores, translating for my parents, and doing homework from both chinese school and american school as for my brother, he was able to hang with girls and play sports. My parents never allowed me to complain
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Just like men, they could be flexible with their muscles just like male gymnast.
There are no significant gender differences that were found in the strengths to muscle cross-sectional area also known as CSA ratio on knee extension or elbow flexion (Miller et al). That allows women to build body mass and muscles just as men and there are no difference in flexibility so men are able to compete just like women for example like the olympics. There are a lot of sports now that women and men are able to play like football, soccer, softball, swim, and etc. However, competitions are split male and male and female versus female. This is made to make sure the woman that aren’t as athletic are in harm but on occasions some schools and activities they are allowed to play against each other for fun and training. A recent study that had a coach from Germany and Canada train both genders and see their cohesion- performance similarities. The analysis revealed that both male and female have the same strive, stamina and performance (Eys et al). Female and males have the same goals and performance, one of their similarities are genitals. Most people distinguish Penis is male and vagina is female. However, this dichotomy isn’t quite correct because the genitals emerge from the same mass of embryonic tissue. During the first weeks of development the tissue is develop identically and when the tissues are developed the fetus either has XX or XY chromosomes and that is when the

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