Wan Network Design For A Company Essay

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1. Case Study It’s a project on WAN network design for a company which is five year old and have multiple branches. It’s a IT& Electronics company located in Auckland named eServe. I am working for this company from last six months as a IT technician. The company have multiple branches in other cities as well. They provide software and hardware related services to their clients and mainly concern with apple (Mac Book, iMac, phone) products. The company have three branches in wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton cities. All these branches are controlled by main head quarter located at Newmarket (Auckland).But the system is not well they are working on old documentary level .Each branch has their own databases. They keep all the record of their clients and part lists individually. They provide online email communication and Chat facility to their clients. But the problem is each branch provides these services individually and it’s difficult for main head quarter office to collect that latest information. They want to make a centralize control for all these branches. Moreover they are using a software system for stock entry and part order lists this also needs to be centralized on a common file server. Because they are paying to more to hire staff for each branch .Because need to manage the stocks and payments individually. But at this stage they want to reduce the staff and make a centralize control from their main branch. They want a perfect online connectivity between

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