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Class Project- NETW208 WAN/NETWORK Design Project Project designed by Gary Minardo Carrie Viles Chuck Hassler January Session Devry University Professor N. Baig The campus redesign we propose that we use all 3 of the Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches and we allocate one switch for the design department, one for the Human resources and one for marketing and sales. This will help optimize and departmentalize the switches for easy access and design simplicity. We also would like to have each switch connected to 2 routers each, this will help with redundency and help take care of the issues that the architects, engineers and employees keep reporting slow response times. To help with internet crashes and speeds we think that the company should…show more content…
Key tools utilized, variable length subnet masking and route summarization are explained as well. Here choosing the appropriate routing protocol is equally critical for a successful design. To implement different masks for the same major network it is necessary to have a routing protocol that supports VLSM. Such routing protocols are called classless routing protocols. They carry the mask information along with the route advertisements therefore allowing for the support of more than one mask. Several classless routing protocol examples include OSPF, RIP version 2, Cisco 's EIGRP, BGP and IS-IS. We will deploy VLSM for this project. Use of a Class B address is required to support a network that entails a total of 200 sites. The busiest LANs may support up to 100 hosts and there is a maximum projected total of 400 point-to-point WAN links. Hence there is a requirement for 600 subnets with a maximum of 100 hosts on any subnet. Even with a Class B address there is insufficient address space to meet this requirement without employing VLSM. When planning a VLSM solution you should start with the shortest mask in other words plan the subnets that support the most hosts. This is typically the mask that will be used on most or all of the LAN segments. For our network design we propose using 200 LAN segments each supporting up to 100 hosts. While 7 host bits or a /25 subnet mask would meet this requirement, it is probably neater in terms of administration

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