Wandering Rocks Book Summary

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Wandering Rocks In this chapter, though it was a bit of a challenge to figure out, displays a number of people throughout the streets of Dublin who are attempting to go through different situations. People such as: Father Conmee, a man who had developed a fantasy due to the “tyrannous incontinence” (223) relating to a book he would write about relating to what appears to an adult mistress who was once referred to as “a listless lady” (223). There was Corny Kelleher and a police constable that saluted to Conmee and he saluted back, and Corny witnessing “a generous white arm from a window” (225). This arm then flung a coin, a generous arm from Eccles Street; Bloom’s street where I believe that it could have been Molly who flung out the coin. Another section showed a one-legged sailor who looks as if he is collecting the coins (like the one Molly threw out). Then there are Stephen’s sisters, Katey and Boody, also a sense of the living establishments that are presented its poor status and lack of money. Blazes makes his sexual moves on a blonde shopgirl, Stephen meets someone named Almidano Artifoni, Bloom at a bookstand and it appears he is purchasing an adult magazine in reminder of Molly and his continuous thought of her and Boylan. There is Stephen who, once again, envisions the memory of his mother: “She is drowning. Agenbite. Save her. Agenbite. All against us. She will drown me with her, eyes and hair” (243). To Stephen, that moment was nothing but “Misery!
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