Wang Lung Theme

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Wang Lung wasn’t very close to his sons when they were growing up. Wang just kinda assumed that O-lan was going to take care of them so he didn’t really worry about them when they were growing up. He was more worried about his land and keeping his entire family alive. The sons are not only distant from their father, but they are also distant from each other. This created continual discord throughout the entire family. This might be due to the fact that they don’t have very much in common and they are all very different, especially due to the way they were raised. The three boys all resemble their father in some kind of way. The first son resembles the part of Wang Lung that was more reckless , he visited prostitutes like his father did and he spent money recklessly. No matter how much money he…show more content…
Sooner or later the second son turned into Wang’s personal Steward what it came to the money. The third son resembles the strength of Wang Lung. The third son fought for what he wanted and what he thought was right, and that is what Wang Lung did for his family the entire time. Wang Lung kind of drove his third son away, because he became begrudged when he realized he was too old for Pear Blossom, and his youngest son was the perfect age for her, and so he showed his superiority to the third son and the son got mad and left. Now that Wang is wealthy he has become ignorant about it and he has started spending money recklessly. His sons took on that bad habit and now they arn’t used to living like how Wang lived growing up. Wang is different from his sons because his father raised him the right was and thought him that he isn’t better than everyone else and that he should work for his money but now his sons are lazy because their father raised them to be lazy and get stuff handed to them. When Wang Lung grew up he had to grow up in tattered and worn clothes and growing up his sons always had nice new clothes, besides the
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