Want and Mr. Fielding

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A Date for the Theatre Mike Hello, Jack. Why the rush? Where are you going? Jack Hello, Mike. I'm on my way to meet Joyce at the station. We're having dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then we're off to the theatre. Mike Do you often go to the theatre? Jack Yes, Joyce and I usually go at least once a fortnight; sometimes more. Do you ever go? Mike Yes, but I don't often find time these days. There are so many other things to do. Jack True, true. Mike Listen, perhaps Janet and I can arrange to meet you and Joyce one Saturday evening. We can have dinner together and go on to a theatre. Jack That's a good idea. Look, I forget the name of the play, but there's a good comedy on at the Theatre Royal next week. If you like, I can book four…show more content…
Andy Yes, so his teachers say. But he deserves to do well. He's always been so conscientious and hard-working, and he's been slaving at his books every evening for months on end recently. He wants to go to Oxford University next year. Susan Maybe he'll become a university lecturer himself eventually. Andy Maybe. But I think he studies too hard; I sometimes wish he'd go out and enjoy himself for a change. Susan Yes... What about the younger one? Andy Well, James' teachers say that he has ability, but that he's too inconsistent and that he rarely does his best. In other words, he's not bad when he makes an effort, but he's too idle. He couldn't care less about exams. He does his homework in ten minutes every evening and then rushes out to play tennis. Susan He's crazy about tennis, isn't he? Perhaps he can make his fortune at it. You can make more money from sport than from an old-fashioned profession these days. Andy So I believe. But my wife always worries about the children's future. She wants James to give up tennis and study law, but I don't believe in forcing boys to take up careers they're not cut out for. I wonder how James'll develop in a couple of years' time! After the Exams Malcolm What did you think of the exams, Pete? I reckon they were dead easy. Pete Maybe they were easy enough for you but they were much too hard for me. Malcom Oh, come on. You've probably done better than you think. Pete No, I'm dead certain I've failed in
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